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Blue Fine Art wedding at the Woodmark Hotel shot by Tetiana Photography

We believe in creating a memory that feels perfect, and that you will hold onto forever.  You're celebrating the beginning of the rest of your lives and it's one of the few times in life where all of your loved ones come together.  Those memories, photos and videos, are something you will cherish for eternity.


  Whether you want our help sourcing your decorations, designing your announcements, organizing vendors, or any of the other thousands of details that need to be planned, I am at your service with several packages available to fit your unique needs.

ready to plan the best day of your life?

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I'm gen & my team is here to make sure your event is everything you dreamed of.

My passion for meticulous planning and a deep appreciation for love stories led me to pursue a fulfilling career as a wedding and event planner for the past seven years. We intentionally maintain a selective portfolio, allowing us to dedicate our full attention to a limited number of couples each year. This ensures you receive the personalized attention and responsiveness you deserve throughout the planning process.

My meticulous approach ensures that every detail, from the most significant to the seemingly insignificant, receives the utmost attention, culminating in a flawlessly executed wedding day. Ultimately, my greatest satisfaction lies in creating a stress-free environment where couples can fully immerse themselves in the joy of celebrating their love.

In my spare time, I love reading, finding fun places to eat with my spouse in the Seattle area, hanging out with my daughter Eliana, traveling abroad, and playing with my dog, Theo. 

I'm also fluent in Tagalog and familiar with East Asian, Slavic, and South-East Asian cultures, so cultural weddings are close to my heart and something I'm known for.

Janet Andersen Family Session

in case you're a personality trait nerd like me....




Myers Briggs

I'm an activist and always aware of the wishes and needs of others.  I passionately follow what I believe to be right and love to serve and improve my community.  I love sharing creative ideas and solutions to problems and am willing to make sacrifices for others.

As a natural introvert, I tend to be more of a 'behind the scenes' girl. I LOVE perfecting the details of life and I am determined to accomplish anything I set my mind to, I love a good challenge and know that anything you desire for your event, we can make it happen.


Disc Assessment



An SC in the Disc Assessment means I am a stabilizer.  This means I am dependable and consistent.  You can always count on me with anything I say we can do.  I am perceptive, detail-oriented, and meticulous in my work and have no problem adjusting to a wide range of personal styles which makes me easy to work with!  

Individualization means I am intrigued by the unique qualities of each person and have a knack for getting to know what you want quickly. I love creating completely unique weddings that are tailored towards your dreams and vision, not mine.  I'm not going to build you a cookie cutter wedding, we're going to build something memorable and completely unique to you.

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meet the team

Our team of experienced event coordinators works tirelessly behind the scenes to guarantee a seamless experience..

Gen (she/her) and owner of Events by Genevieve. She'll be best friends with you by the end of working together. The best part of a wedding day for her is when the guests walk in and go "Wow!" and she also really appreciates little details in the paper goods and floral design. In her spare time, she loves reading, traveling, and finding good places to eat at with her spouse and daughter. She also speaks Tagalog. 

Chelsea (she/her) is an associate planner.  She is your go-to gal pal and biggest cheerleader on your wedding day. Her favorite part of the wedding day is seeing it all come together beautifully. 

Akshaya (she/her) is an event assistant. She met Gen and her team at one of her best friend’s weddings, where she got to witness some of the work EBG does behind the scenes to make a wedding day come together. As someone who has always loved weddings, love stories and celebrations which bring loved ones together, Akshaya joined the team in August 2023 to help be a part of what makes these days feel seamless and magical for the couples we work with. Akshaya is Sri Lankan Tamil- American and one of her favorite parts about weddings is getting to witness and embrace how couples incorporate their culture into their ceremonies and celebrations.

Elisha (she/her) is an associate planner. 

She has been interested in the wedding industry ever since her time as a bridal stylist at Anthropologie Weddings back in 2019. She is truly amazed and inspired by the talent of the people and the vendors we get to work with in this industry. 

Huyen (she/her) is an event assistant. She is meticulous and caring and has been working for EBG since 2022. She is the sweetest, and wants to help to create a great memorable moment and witness the couple enjoying their special day to its fullest to make her happy. She also speaks Vietnamese.

Sonia (she/her) is an associate planner.

There’s always a planner in the friend group and that’s Sonia! She was an EBG’s former bride and planning her own wedding was when she found her inspiration to be part of the wedding industry! She thrives on organizing and bringing structure to any event with high attention to detail. She loves seeing couples’ dream weddings come to life and celebrating their big day. Weddings are one thing that brings so much joy in her life, and she is thankful to be a part of someone’s special day. She also speaks Vietnamese.

Taylor (she/her) is an associate planner. She also owns Honest Calligraphy, an award-winning stationery business. Taylor loves a little bit of edge and a lot of personality. She takes immense pride in her work and will always advocate for you. Her favorite party of a wedding day is when the couple sees the reception for the first time before the guests come in and they can take in all of the things they spent months planning. 

Adrienne (she/her) is an event assistant. She is a Taiwanese American born and raised in the Greater Seattle area. Before becoming an assistant for EBG, Adrienne was one of the first Bridal Consultants at Brides for a Cause's Seattle location. She is passionate about cooking, baking and traveling with her husband Calvin who she married in July 2022 here in Seattle. She can speak Mandarin!

Amy (she/her) is an associate planner. She loves a good dance party, is your biggest foodie partner,  and is calm, cool, collected on the wedding day. She loves a classic color palette and champagne towers. At home, she spends much needed quality time with her baby and spouse. 

Lizzet (she/her) is an event assistant. 

Her lifelong passion for weddings truly shines on the wedding day. A hopeless romantic at heart, Lizzet’s love for wedding details blossomed when she got married in 2022 and assisted Amy during a busy wedding season. Outside of wedding planning, Lizzet works in the corporate hospitality world for TikTok, with past experience at Expedia and Nike. She’s obsessed with fashion, food, dogs, and her husband and takes joy in creating unforgettable moments for couples.

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